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Summer 2012

Giving Debtors Their Charging Orders: Remedies for Collecting Against a Debtor's Interest in a Business Entity

Estates of the Rich and Famous: Ten Lessons Learned from Celebrities Who Got It Wrong

Now What? Understanding the Process After Your Customer Files Bankruptcy

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Business Law
Employment Law
Estate Planning
Retirement Plans & Employee Benefits
Real Property
Tax Law

Business Law

Three Benefits of Corporate Minutes (Fall 1999)

Practical Use of LLC’s (Spring 2000)

Converting a Partnership to an LLC or an LLP (Fall 2000)

When to be an "S" Corporation (Fall 2001)

Preferences in Bankruptcy - The Second "Whammy" (Fall 2002)

Buying and Selling a Business by Deborah Lush (Fall 2004)

Employment Law

Avoiding Age Discrimination Claims (Summer 2005)

Protecting At Will Employment in Policy Manuals (Fall 1999)

Effective Technology Policy (Spring 2000)

When is a Volunteer or Intern Really an Employee? (Fall 2000)

Timely Final Paychecks are Still Important After Legislative Changes (Spring 2002)

Military Leave and Reinstatement Rights for Employees (Summer 2003)

New Law Makes Noncompete Agreements More Difficult to Enforce (Winter 2008-09)

Determining Unemployment Benefits Eligibility Following a Discharge or Voluntary Leaving (Summer 2009)

The Employee Handbook: Why Every Employer Should Have One (Winter 2010)

New Law Restricts Employers' Use of Credit Checks (Summer 2010)

Resolve to Update Your Employee Handbook (Winter 2012)

Estate Planning

How Often Should You Review Your Estate Plan? (Fall 2000)

Making the Most of Your Charitable Giving (Fall 2001)

Gifts to Minors (Spring 2002)

Ted Williams' Legacy - A Family Feud (Fall 2002)

What the Feds Giveth the State Taketh Away by Barbara Jo Smith (Fall 2004)

Charitable Giving: A Win-Win Estate Planning Strategy (Summer 2009)

Tales of an Outdated Estate Plan: Keeping Plans Current (Winter 2010)

2010 Estate Tax Repeal: Promises Kept? (Summer 2010)

The New "Two-Year Estate Tax Plan" (Winter 2011)

Creating a Legacy Beyond Yourself: Charitable Remainder Trusts (Summer 2011)

Legislative Update: Lawmakers Tweak Oregon Estate Tax, Add Transfer on Death Deed for Real Property (Summer 2011)

Retirement Plans and Employee Benefits

Using Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans (Fall 2000)

Pros and Cons of Allowing Retirement Plan Participants to Self - Direct the Investment of their Accounts after the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (Winter 2008-09)

Investing Retirement Plan Assets and IRAs in Real Estate (Summer 2009)

Retirement Plans and Crab Traps - More Alike than You Might Think (Summer 2010)

Notable Qualified Retirement Plan and Employee Benefit Changes in the New Year (Winter 2011)

Fee Disclosure Requirements Hit Retirement Plans (Summer 2011)

"Simple" Cafeteria Plans Provide New Opportunity For Small Employers (Winter 2012)

Real Property

Measure 37? - Make That "Measure 36 - ½" (Summer 2005)

New Law Creates Many Requirements for Sale - Leaseback and Sale - Repurchase Agreements (Winter 2008-09)

Cure, Deficiency, and Redemption - Key Foreclosure Concepts (Winter 2011)

Avoiding "The Money Pit": Real Property Seller's Disclosure Duties (Summer 2011)

Tax Law

A Lesson in Forgiveness: When is Discharge of Indebtedness Income Taxable? (Winter 2010)

Making The Most of Your Charitable Giving (Fall 2001)

The Tax Practitioner - Client Privilege: What You Say May Hurt You (Fall 1999)

New Year Rings in Increased Form 1099 Reporting Requirements (Winter 2011)

Protecting Fiduciaries Against Personal Liability for Decedents' Taxes (Winter 2012)


"Funny" Things Happen on The Way To the Forum: Arbitration of Employment Claims by Eric Yandell (Fall 2004)

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Making it Work For You (Spring 2002)

Oregon Consumer Identity Theft Protection Act: Is Your Business in Compliance? (Winter 2008-09)

Sweating the Small Stuff: Correct Strategy Can Make Recovering Small Debts Economical (Summer 2009)

Understanding Service on a Non-Profit Board of Directors (Summer 2010)


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