“EVERY CLIENT DESERVES their case to be thoroughly evaluated and competently argued. Each case is about details buried in the parties’ stories, the witnesses’ recounting, the documentary evidence, public records, and the law. It is my job to leverage the details and I am unyielding in that regard. ”

About Me

I was born in Colorado and moved to Oregon soon thereafter. I grew up on the Oregon Coast and pursued Fisheries and Wildlife through my undergraduate education at Oregon State University. Thanks to my love for the outdoors, I worked with wildlife and fought forest fires for over a decade. In between those seasonal jobs, I met my wife while studying for the law school entrance exam. We married during law school and now we have two beautiful daughters. Immediately following law school, I was a civil litigation attorney at Frohnmayer Deatherage in Medford where I was fortunate to work under the tutelage of seasoned trial attorneys in various fields of the law.

My wife and I love Salem and, with family nearby, we elected to move to Salem to be back in the heart of the Willamette Valley. My wife returned to her job at a local vet clinic and I was fortunate that Heltzel Williams was seeking a trial lawyer at the time we were relocating.

Being a trial lawyer means representing those who are dealing with some of life’s greatest struggles. Whether the dispute involves an employment matter, constitutional deprivation, professional malpractice, or a business disagreement, there are emotions, reputations, time and expense all tied up in the case. I am sensitive to the fact that every client wants to win and every client wants to be heard. With that in mind, I carefully guide my clients through the process while being a steadfast courtroom advocate.

My Legal Work

My practice primarily focuses on civil litigation, which ranges widely; including representing law enforcement, real estate professionals, insurance companies, private individuals, and employers litigating issues involving premises liability, employment relations, constitutional deprivations, professional malpractice, and real estate disputes. I am admitted to practice in Oregon State Courts, the United States District Court for the District of Oregon, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

All trial lawyers enjoy arguing their case, but I make it my mission to accomplish your preferred outcome with minimal courtroom exposure. I will generate a case plan that focuses on trial, but that is always the last resort. To make that goal a reality often involves poring over the facts and law well in advance of ever drafting a pleading, motion, or notice. It is my pleasure to find these details and weave them together into the best case possible.

I focus my practice in the following areas:

Outside the Office

Away from work, I spend my time with my wife, two daughters, and two dogs. Our passion for the outdoors often leads us into the woods to find a trail, to fish, go hunting, snowboarding, or just to cut firewood. My young daughters are still growing and learning to love these pastimes – for now, I’m sharing in their interests. Watching them develop into the people they will be is my greatest joy.


Willamette University College of Law, J.D.

Vice-Chair, Environmental Law Society; Senior Writer, Willamette Law Online; Source Editor, Environmental Law Journal; High Paper, Insurance Law; High Paper, Legislators Lobbyists & People.

Oregon State University, B.S.

Fisheries and Wildlife Science.